Image by Tomasz Filipek

Nivriti Farms

41Km from Hyderabad, near Rajiv Gandhi International on the Srisailam highway, Nivriti Farms occupies 200 pristine acres of blissful greenery and uninterrupted peace. Surrounded by over 4,000 acres of reserve forest, the community has a weather all of its own: sunny and pleasantly warm in the summers, misty and comfortingly cold in the winters. Located close to some of the city’s major nerve centres like Fab City, Pharma City (Mucherla), TCS Adibatla, and the TATA Aerospace SEZ, our community is perfect for those who want to be far enough from the city to relax, yet near enough to not lose the touch. Founded to rediscover and promote the natural bond we share with nature, Nivriti Farms is for those who wish to live and do different.