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Nivriti Farms

Embrace a life of purity and wellness by owning a farm plot in the lap of nature. Located in Srisailam Highway, Nivriti Farms is the best place to own a farm plot and build your dream farm house. Surrounded by over 4,000 acres of reserve forest, the community has a weather all of its own: sunny and pleasantly warm in the summers, misty and comfortingly cold in the winters.


When you make the decision to own a farmhouse in Nivriti Farms, you are making a conscious choice to take a break from the noise and distractions of the city. Recognizing this need to retreat and rejuvenate, the communities we build are designed to help you make the most of the time you and your family spend here. Blending nature with modern functionalities and luxury with traditional hospitality, our properties boast of all the features and amenities you need to feel completely at home in a community that cares unconditionally.

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Embrace the privilege of life in nature's harmony with an opportunity to feel alive again in every fleeting moment. 


Experience the richness of health by going back to the roots of our tradition of growing organic and eating fresh. 

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Enjoy the freedom of fresh air and open space at nature's pace to unplug from the urban world.

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Get back to your roots

Promoting conscious cropping and clean eating, our communities focus on growing the food they need in a scientific, chemical-free environment. Understanding that all produce is simply nature’s gift to us, we work together on initiatives that give back to the environment we borrow from and ensure that the communities we live are sustainably maintained and remain green.

Experience a unique blend of luxury and nature with Nivriti Farms

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