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8 reasons to buy farm plots in Nivriti Farms

Well, in the first place, congratulations on your decision to buy farm plots. Now that you are looking for the best farm plots in the vicinity of Hyderabad, we are here to put a full stop to your search. There are many farm projects available in the market. Why choose Nivriti?

Nivriti Farms - Best farm plots for sale in Hyderabad
Nivriti Farms - Best farm plots for sale in Hyderabad

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy”. We, at Nivriti, are perpetually working to make the dream of owning a farm plot come true and help you lead happy lives. No matter how much we, as a 21st century society, boast of urbanization, automation etc., our souls still find solace only in the tranquility of nature. We have understood this better than anyone else in the market and have come up with one-of-its-kind project- “Nivriti Farms”. There are many factors that make us unique. Have a look at some of them:

1. Better Security: While we are proud of our huge 145 acre Farm project, we have also understood the need to secure it without any compromise. Therefore, we have constructed a compound wall around the entire 145 acres project, making it a safe place and ensuring better security.

2. Greenery: “Time spent among trees is never wasted time.” We, at Nivriti farms, believe in the same and want you to make the most of your time. Hence, we have decided to have 70% green zone, which means 70% of the land will have some or the other kind of plantation.

3. Live fresh, eat fresh, breathe fresh: We want our customers to lead a healthy and stress free life. After all, health is wealth. However, these days it is next to impossible to find fresh food, especially in cities like Hyderabad. At our project, customers will have access to fresh fruits, vegetables and most importantly, fresh air.

4. Luxurious Amenities: We want our customers to lead a luxurious and comfortable life because life is too short to just ‘survive’. At Nivriti farms, we provide amenities such as, Vastu friendly spaces, gated community, affordable plot sizes, clear and legitimate titles, 2 years of maintenance for free, 70% of the project is greenzone, country side resort and club house, 24/7 CCTV surveillance, wide roads(60,50,40 & 30 feet), meditation hall, indoor games, party lawn etc., We also plant and maintain 10 varieties of plants in every individual plot. Yes. We are concerned about the holistic development and well being of our customers.

5. Better Connectivity: “Time and space are the most luxurious things today.” We understand the importance of your time. Nivriti Farms is located within a stone’s throw from the major areas of Hyderabad. We are located just 6 KMs away from Kandukur, 12 KMs from Mucherla Pharma City, 14 KMs from Maheshwaram IT SEZ, 15 KMs from BTR by MAK Projects, 20 KMs from E-City(Fab City), 21 KMs from ORR, 27 KMs from airport, 30 KMs from Wonderla, 35 KMs from TCS Adibatla.

6. Farming Village: Now you don’t have to waste your time and effort in search of fresh and healthy food. It’s on us. We have constructed a farming village within our farm lands which all of our customers can access where we grow 100+ different types of crops including fruits, vegetables, leafy greens.

7. Two years of Maintenance (That too for free!!) : Our job is not done just after you purchase the plot. We care for your well being and want you to lead a hassle free life. Therefore, we provide two years of free maintenance service without any additional charges. While most of the other farm plot projects don’t even provide maintenance, our care for your happiness motivated us to provide this facility, which sets us apart.

8. The Surroundings: Nivriti Farms are surrounded by 4000 acres of reserve forest. The view from our project is spell bound! This not only gives pleasure to your eyes, but also serenity to your soul. The topography of our project is one of the many factors about which we are super proud of. Nivriti Farms are a rare amalgamation of simplicity of nature and the grandeur of modern life. So, what are you waiting for? Here is your chance to grab the opportunity and gift yourself and your future generations a happy and peaceful life.

Be clever and make the decision to purchase a plot in Nivriti Farms and your future self will thank you. This could be your investment plan, retirement plan, future plan and much more. We offer you everything that you are looking for in farm land. In fact, probably much more than what you are looking for. Looking forward to establishing a long term relationship with you.

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